How to Make Money Online with Gigtalworld

Have you ever think of a way of making money online? Do you believe in online business? Or have you been involved in any of the online businesses and you were scammed?  Or is there any one that you have done and it was a success to you? If in any way these questions are related to you, then this post is for you.

There are so many online businesses but the question is, are there reliable? Of course not all are reliable, but in this article I will be discussing with you how to Make Money Online with Giftalworld

I know that you may be wondering of how real this is. But trust me when I tell you that this business that am about to review to you is 100% real. I tried it myself and it work for me and also work for others too. The listed online business below is legit.



Giftalworld Is one of the most reliable earning platform in Africa where you earn daily and you are also paid daily. It is an online business that pay you for reading news and sharing of sponsored posts.

 Giftalworld is one among the few websites that pay without a referral. You may be wondering about the legitimacy of this website, of course it is legit if not I wouldn’t have written about it. Trust me that you can make clean money out of this platform.

Giftalworld is a registered e-commerce website with registration number 2680874 under Corporate Affairs Commission.

 Knowing how trusted this website is, the next question should be, how can i be a member of this great earning platform. Well, the answers is as simple as A, B, C... With a onetime registration of N2000 can give you a full access to this platform and make you a millionaire of your generation. 

The good thing about this website is that they pay on a daily basis as far as you reach their minimum withdrawal amount of N5500 for non-referral and a daily payment of referral when up to N4000 .

How you can earn on Giftalworld.

  • A sign up bonus of N500: once you have successfully sign up for Giftalworld, an automatic sign up bonus is given to you. 

  • Isn’t this interesting? Let’s look at it this way that your registration becomes N1500 since N500  is given to you as a sign up bonus.

  • You get N10  for each news that you read.

  • You get N10 for each comment that you make on a post.

  • When you share any news that you read, it gives you N2 .

  • Your everyday login gives you N50: each day that you login to your account, you get N50

  • Another interesting one is this: any sponsored post that you share on your Facebook page, you earn N50.

  • Then you get N1300  for referral (optional): please don’t panic, because I know most of us don’t like to see this point. As I said earlier, it is optional. 

  • You can earn 100% without a referral but if you choose to invite your friends and family to this platform, you get N1300  for a successful registration.

  • And if you can post your alert testimony on their Facebook page, you earn N500 airtime.

Note : Activity earners are paid every two weeks as far as you reach the withdrawal amount of N5500  (that is  non- referral payment), but for referrals you are paid daily as far as you reach the minimum amount of N4000.

Also note that you can register your friends with your activity earn point known as GAS point (non- referral earnings) once it is up to 5500 GAS  which is worth N2000 . You should know that once you use your GAS point to register someone, there will be no referral bonus for you.

Once you have reached the withdrawal amount, a withdrawal form is been provided to you by the website owner to fill your bank details.

 If your details have been correctly filled, you will receive alert within 6 hours. After seeing all this, will you still pocket your N2000 ? Please hurry and register and lets start making this money together.  

How to Register with Giftalworld Program

If you want to join the Giftalworld program click on the link below:

      Register here

Remember to use correct and a well-functioning email for your registration.

 You will be ask to provide a coupon code during your registration and may be you are wondering where you can get a coupon code.

 I will drop the list of persons where you can get your coupon code, feel free to call or Whatapp them for your coupon code. 

But if you have any challenge during your registration, feel free to whatapp me. 08032085203.

 Am always online so that I can help you with your registration.

You can also choose to register without coupon code by creating your account and then making payment of N2000 to Giftalworld officials account shown below:

Account No: 0070170785

Then forward the proof of your payment details to

Your account will be approve within 10 minutes and you are good to start making money.

 Giftalworld Coupon Code Official:

Please Feel Free to Watsapp, Call them or Add them up on Facebook 

Okpanachi Caleb Ojonugwa   08118528197 

Sholuade Victoria Oyindamola   09099630714
Abdulraheem Nasirudeen      08082772919

Wilson Godwin Sunday            08106354650

 Harbor Eberechi Stephanie    08162418128

Adeyemo Basit Olanrewaju     08106348381 

Yekin  Idris Olawale                   08147495419 

Ajayi Oluwatosin                        07031139423

Gbadamosi  Opeoluwa              07083200118

After a successful registration, your account will look like the one shown below. You can choose to upload your profile picture or leave it the way it is depending on what you want.

Giftalworld Alert Testimonies

The following are the proof of payment alerts received by Giftalworld program is indeed a great medium to make money in your comfort zone with your android phone.


To Join Giftalworld Program:

Click Here!!!

I say thank you to Giftalworld!!! 

If you have any question or contribution concerning this, feel free to use the comment box below.

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