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Perfume is a pleasant smell obtains from the mixture of different fragrance. The combination of two or more fragrance can produce a good scent.

Perfume makes users feel comfortable and self-confident. It controls any kind of body odors.  

Create Your Own Perfume Brand, perfume

Why you should use perfume

Most people use perfume because it reduces body odor. Apart from reducing body odor, perfume builds self-confident in the midst of people. 

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In the hot sun, most people can sweat a lot; these people need perfume to keep them fresh with good and attractive scent.

Materials for Perfume Production

  • Measuring cylinder
  • Container with cover


Chemicals for perfume production

  • Raw perfume (fragrance)
  • Alcohol (e.g methanol or distilled water)
  • Essential oil (Protein)
  • Colorant (optional)


Functions of Each Chemical

In this section, I will explain the functions of each chemical listed above. I advise you to read in between lines in order to know the full functionality of each chemical.

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Raw perfume:

Raw perfume is also known as a fragrance. It is a substance that produces a pleasant scent. During perfume production, two or more fragrance can be mixed together to produce a pleasant scent.



Examples of fragrance are:
  • Passion fragrance
  • Cold river fragrance
  • Vanilla fragrance
  • Surprise fragrance
  • For love fragrance
  • Lexus fragrance
  • Levis fragrance
  • Blue dream fragrance
  • Atlanta fragrance
And many more…….

 The combination of two or more fragrance to produce a pleasant scent is known as personal formulae.


Alcohol breaks down the perfume ingredient (that is, it acts as a binder). It helps the perfume to evaporate easily when flit. 

Examples of commonly use alcohol in perfume production are methanol, distilled water.

Essential oil:

Essential oil is also known as protein. It helps to reduce the hotness of the perfume when applied directly to the skin.


Colorant changes the color of the perfume. Don’t add much of the colorant to avoid staining clothes.  

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Method of Production

  • Pour methanol into a mixer.
  • Add the fragrance (it can be two different fragrances).
  • Add the protein.
  • Add colorant (optional).
  • Shake the mixture for about 2-3 minutes.
Allow it to mix well before use.

Note: The quantity of fragrance determines how long your perfume will last.

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