The Easiest Way to Make Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is commonly used today for many things. It offers a variety of health benefits and can be used for cooking as well as skin and hair care. In this article, we are going to learn the easiest way to make coconut oil. This oil is made using coconut with few other tools involved.

The Equipment for Making Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil, Coconut, Oil

  •  Matured coconut (usually brown in colour)
  • Sharp Paring Knife
  • Food Processor
  • Cleaver
  • Coffee filter/ cheesecloth
  • A big and Small Spoon
  • Food dehydrator
  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Fine mesh strainer
After having this equipment ready, we will proceed to the importance of this oil in our lives today. Coconut oil is very important for our daily use and it has lots of benefits. Let’s look at these benefits.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

 These benefits include the following:

  • It is used in recipes and cooking.

  • It increases fat burning

  • It can kill harmful micro organisms

  • It reduces hunger helping you to eat less

  • Coconut oil can raise the good HDL cholesterol

  • It can protect your skin, hair and dental health.

  • It helps you to lose abdominal fat

  • It clears knuckles/ it is good in the treatments for knuckles.

  • Fatty acid in coconut oil can boost brain functions.

Wow after seeing all the wonderful benefits of this oil, I think you will like to make this oil yourself. Well, it is not hard at all; it is very easy and simple.

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The procedure for making Coconut Oil

The easiest process of making coconut oil includes the following:

  • Step 1: collect the coconut (get the fallen coconut or buy the ones that are brownish in color) and drain out the water content in it.

  • Step 2: Split the coconut with a sharp cleaver. Use a sharp paring knife or coconut scraper or even a metal spoon to scrape and remove the meat. When the meat is gotten, cut it into pieces and pour it in a bowl and rinse it with clean water.

  • Step 3: after the step 2 above, pour the pieces of it into a food processor and a little water to aid it blending.

  • Step 4: after that, turn on the food processor to a medium speed until it is well blended.

  • Step 5: when it is blended to your satisfaction, turn it into a bowl.

  • Step 6: Add water to the blended coconut. (Add about 2 liters of water if you have 5 to 8 coconuts)

Oil,coconut Oil,
  • Step 7: After mixing the water, use a smaller bowl or a big spoon to fetch the coconut mixture into a neat sieve or cheese cloth and squeeze or filter out the water content into a bigger bowl. Make sure that you squeeze it as hard as possible so that even a drop of water will not remain inside again.

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  • Step 8: Now you will have something that is milky in color. Ensure that the particles of coconut are not inside the liquid.

  • Step 9: Leave the bowl unattended for at least 40 minutes. As it sets, the coconut milk and oil will separate and a layer of curd will appear at the top of the jar.

  • Step 10: Scoop out the curd with a spoon and put it in a pot to boil.

  • Step 11: While it boils, use a wooden stick to mix until all the water evaporated and only oil is remaining in the pot.

  • Step 12: Keep the oil to cool. After that, filter it again as black particles may be found inside.

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Your oil is now ready to be used. You can now package it in bottles or any container of your choice. 

Now you have seen that it is not hard to make coconut oil at all. So go on and produce as much as you can and don’t forget to ask your questions when necessary.

Share your experience on coconut production on the comment box below.

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