How to Prepare Egusi Soup with Beef

In Nigeria today, egusi soup is taken in almost every home. It is a very delicious and a very popular soup in Nigeria.

 It is very nutritional and demanded in almost all occasions in our country today. It is because of this fact that I think it’s necessary that we learn How to Prepare Egusi Soup in our various homes.

There is no Nigerian woman without egusi in her kitchen because most of our cultural foods are taken with this soup prepare with this melon popularly known as egusi.

 It can be taken with these Nigerian swallowed meal such as pounded yam, amala, garri,semovits/semolina,akpu etc.
Egusi soup can be prepared using different methods and any method at all is very easy.

 Before looking at the preparation methods, let’s look at the ingredients that can be used to prepare this soup.

The Ingredients for Egusi Soup


Egusi soup requires little of few ingredients to be prepared. We will be looking at these ingredients with their nutritional benefits or contents. The following are the ingredients for making egusi soup.

  • 4 cups of Melon seed (popularly known as egusi)
  • 2 cooking spoon of red or Palm oil
  • Cray fish (4 table spoon of grinded Cray fish)
  • Onions
  • Stalk fish
  • Beef 
  • Pepper
  • Fish (dried fish)
  • Ugu and bitter leave (vegetable or grain)
  • Spices (these include knoww seasoning, kitchen glory, onga soup, stalk cubes etc) depending on your choice.

  • Salt (to taste)
Now our ingredients are all here but for us to put these ingredients into use, we need some equipments and that is the next thing that  we will be looking at.

Equipments for Cooking Egusi Soup


The few types of equipment used for this preparation include the following:

  • The cooking pot
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  • The bowl (for washing your vegetable)
  • The blender
  • The cooking spoon
  • Knife (for cutting)
  • The chopping board (for chopping vegetable)

Step by Step Methods of Preparing Egusi Soup


Now we are on the real deal, the main reason why we are here. So let’s start

  • Step 1: you will first of all grind your melon(egusi) and put it in a bowl.
  • Step 2: then take your pot and parboil your beef, stalk fish, and the dried fish in three different pots adding your stalk cubes or rayco seasoning and salt to taste and also chop a little onions and pour on it. Check each of them and make sure that they are all soft to your satisfaction. It should take at least 12 to 15 minutes but if after checking and it’s not as soft as you want it to be then add a little water to it and allow it to cook a little while again.
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  • Step 3: When all the meat, stalk and dried fish are done, remove all of it from the stock (water used in boiling the beef and fish) and put it in a bowl or plate.
  • Step 4: blend your pepper and onions. Put your pot on the fire and pour your palm oil into it  and allow it to  get hot before pouring your grinded pepper and onions to it and fry it for 6 minutes.
  • Step 5: After that, add your seasoning to taste and then turn the stock together with the beef, stalk fish and dry fish into it. you can also add water to it if the stock is not enough and allow to boil for 4 minutes. 
  • Step 6: Take your blended/grinded melon (egusi) and sprinkle water on it. Use your hand to mix it thoroughly. When the water is well mixed to it, pieces it small small and pour it into the boiling stock on the fire.

  • Step 7: Cover the pot without using your cooking spoon in it. After 4 minutes, open the pot and gently turn the soup with the spoon. If it is thick by this time, add water and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Step: 8 Meanwhile, you have chopped your vegetable and it is been kept in a bowl. Then watch the soup closely and see that the water evaporated. 
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  • Step 9: When you see that the thickness is of your choice, then you can now add your vegetable to it. You can choose to sprinkle your Cray fish into your soup and gently turn it with your cooking spoon to avoid the dry fish scattering inside.
Note: make sure you don’t cover the pot after pouring your vegetable. And make sure you mix the vegetable immediately you pour it to the soup. And off the fire immediately you add . You can cover the pot after 3 minutes. (this is because the vegetable dies any time you cover the pot with so much heat and also loses some of its nutrients). You can wait for 5 minutes before serving.

Wow we are finally done! Your delicious egusi soup is ready to be served. You now know How to Prepare Egusi Soup and you have seen that it is not hard at all. So go on, cook your soup and keep your family going……..

Don’t forget to ask your questions and give me your comments in the comment box below.

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