How to Make Vaseline With Quality

The weather condition in our country Nigeria today can be so uncomfortable and also inconveniencing. For example the harmattan season is always associated with a very harsh weather changes. This result in dry weather condition or a very low relative humidity.

This weather brings a very bad effect as cracking of skins, lips and feet.  It is of great important that we learn How to Make Vaseline  in our various homes so that when the need arises it will be of great advantage to our family.

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  Now, there are products that we can rely upon on our skins which is the jeleen. The jeleen  is therefore formulated to protect and nourish the skin especially the scaly type.

 It does this function by leaving a thin film on the skin thereby preventing it from direct contact with the harmattan wind or any cold wind of any kind . there are some equipment s that are required for making this cream and there will be listed below.

Equipment Needed for Making Vaseline

The equipment s listed and explained below are used in making of Vaseline.these equipment s are few, simple and easy to handle.

  • Mixer Boiler: this is the vessel that is used to heat the chemicals. The boiler also serve as the mixer since there is need for continued heat application in the course of production.

Note: Only metallic containers can be used here.

  • Heating System: the kerosene, gas, coal, fire wood etc are used to generate heat for the process. Heat is an essential equipment since the chemicals can be homogenized only in the liquid state.

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  • Containers: containers  also are very important for production. We have them in different varieties depending of the use to which they are put. We have measuring containers . these are employed in the measuring of the stated amount of chemicals during the production process and many of them.

  • Carton : the cartons are in various sizes and types. They are made of cardboard sheet or plastic materials.

  • Machines : the machine can either be electric or manual but they perform the same function. The electric machine is easy to operate compare to the manual and it uses electricity.the only problem hare is that it is costly. The manual on the other hand requires human effort. But it is therefore cheaper and affordable  than the electric machine.

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After knowing your equipment to be used, we will move to the chemicals or ingredients  that are needed  for making of Vaseline together with their measurements.

Ingredients for Vaseline

the few ingredients or chemicals needed for making Vaseline include the following:

paraffin oil

paraffin wax

petroleum jelly


Functions of the Ingredients or Chemicals used  for making Vaseline

These chemicals are usually waste products and there are:

  • Petroleum jelly: this is a waste  petroleum product that its carbon chain is longer than that of paraffin oil but it  is shorter than that of exists as a semi-solid substance and is either white or yellow in colour like the paraffin oil. It is the major active ingredient.

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  • Paraffin wax:this holds the components particles together and ensure that proper special relationship is maintained. It is a great binding agent and its also determines the texture of the product .

  • Paraffin Oil:this is a liquid organic substance that boils at a temperature of 200C . it is a shining ingredient in the formulation. It exist as white, yellow , or oily liquid.

  • Fragrance: this is known as perfume and there are of many types. So you can choose any one of your choice.

Ok, after looking at the various functions of these chemicals , lets look at their measurement. 

jeleen formulation is very simple and the formulation must be adhered to if one must produce a very good quality vaselen.

 The measurements of ingredients/chemicals for making Vaseline

  • Paraffin oil (250g)

  • Pure petroleum jelly oil (175g)

  • Paraffin wax or grade C candle wax (25g)

  • Perfume (to taste)

The Procedure of Making Vaseline

  • Step 1: wash and clean the boiler properly before putting it on the heating system. Measure into the boiler the  specified amount of the oil and start up the fire. 

  • Step 2: then add the petroleum jelly  and add some wax chips.

  • Step 3: stir it until the wax chips melt completely, then test the texture of the mixture . the testing of the mixture is done by taking a little of the cooled mixture thicken to your desired normal test .

  • Step 4: if the wax is not enough, add more wax  and repeat the text. Do this repeatedly until  you are able to get the right texture.

  • Step 5: if you are now satisfied with the texture, remove the heating system  and add the perfume of your choice and allow it to cool.

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  • Step 6:then after that, run the product into containers, after some minutes the products in the containers will solidify to become a marketable jeleen cream or Vaseline .now you can start packaging and supplying to shops in the market and you can also choose to  keep it for family use.

Wow finally we are done, you can now see that how to make Vaseline isn't hard at all. So go on and produce as much as you can. Please don’t forget to subscribe with your email below and many more articles wil be coming your way.

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